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, they bribe the neighborhood mayor to create a regulation towards "searching evil without having a license" to run a Lawful Evil wizard from town (he hadn't performed something actually unlawful at that time).

when Violet responses that because Evelyn is prosperous she'll probably receive a slap to the wrist as she's pushed into the again of the police motor vehicle.

, however sooner or later his conduct was too uncontrolled for even his spouse and children connections to save him.

revolved close to this concept. It had been alluded to instead blatantly within an previous draft on the script, but it was taken out at the behest of the director, who felt it absolutely was much too obvious.

In the same way, he usually takes Linda for a day to an amusement park owned by his mothers and fathers, and inexplicably appears to earn all the time (the staff are threatened with being fired if he at any time loses). ("Carnival Expertise")

steals a coffee pot from a library for the reason that she thinks that very poor folks You should not should have espresso or tea, and works by using the identical "logic" to steal roses from a flower store.

The government did not act out towards them right until antitrust laws was at last introduced around a decade after they attained electric power.

highlighted a line of people with some link to regulation enforcement (in the officer to the conquer into the magistrate and the legislator who passed the law), each with the open hand behind his back again expecting his bribe.

If he'd had more than enough to bribe the decide, he might have gotten absent with murder in cold blood, much like the man who was attempted just before him.

Kaiba also employs this trope when he narrates about a flashback of his days within an orphanage: Kaiba: It was an incredibly depressing time in my existence, since I didn't have any income, so I used to be not able to screw the rules.

Your entire railroad market was owned via the Vanderbilts, certainly one of whom allegedly reported "General public be damned!" They'd organize their railroads based upon whoever could offer sufficient dollars, and will pressure selling prices up in a whim.

still. In Rogue Trader, you happen to be one of many titular Traders, who buy a allow written via the emperor himself that enables him to disregard the most elementary regulations of your Empire of Man, leaving imperial Area, starting their own personal kingdoms, and trading with xenos.

An More mature Than Feudalism case in point was Rome: an interesting example of this trope is within the Roman Republic, there was a set wonderful for assault, which wasn't adjusted for inflation, and right after website several hundreds of years of currency debasement, the wonderful was worthless.

So long as they may have dollars, they could do something... even get absent with murder or crimes in opposition to humanity. Or Purchase Them Off for whatsoever evil deeds they did commit. Consequently, a rich person who adopts this Mind-set has a greater possibility of starting to be a Karma Houdini than any bad person.

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